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About Us

After seeing artists painstakingly trying to breakthrough on platforms like Etsy and redbubble despite working incredibly hard to drive traffic via Instagram, ticktock and Facebook etc. I realised that the current situation wasn't working out very well for artists. Often pitching them against each other on price rather than the artistic preferences of their customers. Driving traffic to a place where there is an infinite amount of products with what seems like no care for quality. This is causing artist's to second guess their own artistic merit while competing on a selling platform that is built on promoting cookie cutter mass produced art with very little purpose other than to fill a space on a drab wall. Personally I think that a better model would be to drive customers to a community of artists all sharing the same purpose of cross promoting their own and the art of others ,surely this would be a better option? After all when someone comes to see your work in a gallery they also see other artists work in the same space and how many of us have discovered a great new artist that we were previously unaware of by visiting a local gallery?

Original Art and Homeware | Print Imperials
Whats in it for Me?

Using print imperials I want to create a space where you can feel at home with some great artists, share your audience, tell your own story, sell your own art, my job is to make sure that's as easy as possible for you, so you can get on with the thing you love, creating the art. While I create the choir that's going to be singing your praises.